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Employer sponsored, payroll deducted payment plans for any medical, dental, vision, or veterinary expenses.

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For Employers

We make High Deductible Health Plans feel good.

Employers that offer Paytient as a benefit, increase adoption of High and Higher Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) without their harmful effects on employees or costly overseeding of HSA/HRA accounts.

  • Reduce employee financial anxiety related to deductibles.
  • Even a 3% increase in HDHP adoption is a 100% ROI.
  • Our first employer increased HDHP adoption by 35%.
  • Paytient pairs well with FSA and HSA plans.
For Employees

Unexpected healthcare costs? We've got you covered.

Use Paytient to turn any medical, dental, vision or veterinary bill into an affordable payment that comes automatically out of your paycheck. Simply tap the app, show your phone, the doctor is paid today, and you pick your payment plan that works for your budget.

  • Pick your payment. Pay us back on your terms.
  • Any medical related expense.
  • Pay directly from your paycheck.
  • No interest. No fees. No credit checks.
  • Find providers in the app who want your business.
For Providers

Care for your patient. We'll worry about payment.

Paytient pays your practice in-full at the time of service and puts you in front of employees when they are looking for care.

  • Reduce the number of patients avoiding or delaying treatment due to financial anxiety.
  • If you accept VISA, you can accept Paytient today.
  • Grow your patient base from large, local employers who provide awesome employee benefits.
  • Reduce your cost and risk from self-financing.
  • Avoid compliance risks associated with effectively selling high-interest credit cards to patients.
  • Help bring about a future that is less reliant on 3rd party insurance.
For Brokers

Give them one more reason to trust you with their benefit management.

Your clients trust you to help them improve employee recruitment and retention without overspending on benefits. Paytient is a modern financial health benefit that enables increased High and Higher Deductible Health Plan adoption in a way that employees love.

  • Be the first in your area to bring Paytient to the table. We'll sell ourselves.
  • We can integrate with any HRIS or Payroll System.
Download The App

On the Platform of your choice.

Paytient is currently available as a mobile app on both Apple and Android. If your employer offers Paytient, download it today.

If they don't yet offer Paytient, let us know and be the first person to refer your employer. You will earn $500 when we sign them up!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Paytient work with an HSA?

If you're one of the 20 million Americans with an HSA, thank your employer for giving you access to the best investment account possible. Just 3% of HSA holders fully utilize its triple tax advantage and invest their savings.

Paired with an HSA, Paytient is an HSA accumulation tool. Use Paytient to pay your eligible out-of-pocket expenses to build up and invest your HSA dollars for a catastrophic medical event, or hopefully an additional source of tax-free retirement savings.

How does Paytient work with FSA?

There are 34 million Flexible Spending Accounts in the US. Even if your employer offers the 3 additional months at year end, there's no changing the fact that these dollars are still use-it-or-lose-it, and as such, most folks under-fund their FSA. The average total contribution is about $450, while most folks with out-of-pocket expenses spend about $750+ per year.

If you have FSA dollars, use them and then pay the rest with Paytient over time, at no cost to you.

What happens if an employee quits with a balance?

The employee has two options to payoff their balance - they voluntarily elect to withhold the balance from their last pay check, or they decide how they'd like to pay it off from their bank.

We have found that the cohort of employees using Paytient are 30-40% less likely to resign than employees at the same employer not using Paytient.

Every employer has a different historical employee turnover rate. When desigining Paytient for your organization's needs, we work with you to craft the right way to manage the risk of employee non-payment due to separation.

How does Paytient help my business?

Hard Economic Savings: we help increase employee adoption of high, and higher deductible health plans without their harmful effects of delaying treatment due to financial anxiety. For every employee that switches from a low to high deductible, we save the employer about 15x our cost. Using Paytient increases your bottom line.

Soft Economic Impact: 30-40% less turnover. Improved recruitment. Less financial anxiety due to unplanned expenses relating to medical, dental, vision, or veterinary issues. A less distracted employee is a more productive employee. Reduction of costly and hasselsome 401k and 403b loans. A more financially healthy workforce.

What is Paytient's vision?

Healthcare will follow retirement. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s the unquestioned status quo was your employer fully paid your retirement. In 1978, the 401k upended this direct benefit and now most folks directly contribute to their own retirement with everyone paying into a backstopping public option (i.e. Social Security).

Today, employer sponsored healthcare is largely a defined benefit. We believe the future is more akin to retirement where 1) most employers make or match contributions to employee HSAs, 2) those savings build up in your early, healthy years of a career, and 3) all of this is backstopped by truly affordable catastrophic coverage.

In that future, most routine, sub-catastrophic health care encounters will be purchased or financed in an effective cash market, and insurance will be for its intended use: the unpredictable and unaffordable.


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